The advantages of silicone

Why choose silicone neon flex?

★High Substitutability

Various lighting effects can be can achieved including white light, RGB, and digital tuning, it can replace the traditional glass neon tube, guardrail tube, rainbow tube making it perfect for signage lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, and many more applications.

★High Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of silicone is 0.27 Watts per Metre/Kelvin versus the 0.14 Watts Per Metre Kelvin of PVC, meaning better management of heat dissipation and increased lifespan.

★Resistant to UV

Silicone Neon can be used outdoor environment for long-term exposure to direct sunlight, no yellowing, and aging over 5 years.

★Flame Retardant

it is environmental and non-toxic with a high ignition point, non-flammable in needle-flame tests.

★Resistant to Corrosive Gasses

Resistance to corrosive gases includes chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, and so on, the silicone neon strip with a long life span can be used for an industrial environment.

★Dust Proof

The seamless silicone exterior means no dust can get in, increasing the applications this can be used for and the lifespan.

★Outstanding Weather Resistance

In an environment between -50ºC and +150ºC, it can maintain it’s the original state, without becoming brittle, deformed, softening, or aging. When applied in an environment between the temperature of -20ºC and +45ºC, it can function to its full capabilities resisting both extreme cold and high heat levels.

★Resistance to Corrosion

The silicone properties of this neon allow it to resist corrosion of normal salt, alkalis, and acids. This means it can be used for environments such as beach locations, yachts, chemical plants, mines, and laboratories.
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