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About us

HY Electronics Co.,Ltd has been developing and producing innovative and competitive solutions for the LED lighting industry since its establishment in 2015, We specializing in developing ,producing, and marketing high-end LED Silicon extrusion light strip,flexible LED strip to all over the world.

Our Neon lights are bendable and highly durable linear LED solutions – suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. To achieve a uniform and diffused light output our Neon Flex range encapsulates LED strips with high-quality LED. The protective casing prevents UV damage, is waterproof, step proof, as well as flame and solvent-resistant.We offer a range of dimensions and colour temperatures; depending on the environment our Neon LEDs can be mounted, recessed and semi-recessed.
Our Neons are all in Silicone versions. The new range of silicone extrusion Neon flex is designed using high-grade silicone which enables it to withstand extreme temperatures. The silicone further prevents the build-up of dirt and dust, making it the first to come with a self-cleaning property.



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